Life at SKI



At SKI, we take our fun seriously!! Our experience shows that a relaxed employee delivers higher level of performance and improves the team’s functioning. Regular team–building events and activities keeps the team fresh and motivated to face even the most demanding projects.


Why SKI ?


Comunication @ SKI

Every member is encouraged to chip in with their thoughts for improving tasks/projects that they are directly or indirectly involved in. We have cultivated an atmosphere of open communication and although formal processes are in place, there is no restriction on members approaching any other team member directly to improve efficiency as much as possible.


Growth @ SKI

Our managers don’t micro-manage!! Team members have freedom to display their creativity and take proactive initiatives to improve decision-making skills. We encourage team members to work independently and inculcate accountability in their tasks. Performance is the key evaluation factor for growing at SKI and results are recognized with appropriate rewards.