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  • Has Google imposed Manual Spam Action on your website?
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Unnatural Links Warning?

The concept of Unnatural links has contradicted the perception of lot many webmasters in recognizing the quality of links. Google has been constantly watching at your link profile from a long time read more…

Why Link Removal?

This has mostly affected websites with paid backlinks, excessive reciprocal links, large scale article posting and websites that has used automated programs or services to build more…

What’s The Process?

Recovery from Google’s Manual Spam Action is possible with purification of backlink profile. Permanent removal of toxic links is given the topmost priority by more…

How’s The Pricing?

The process of link auditing, removal of backlinks & getting the penalty revoked by Google is not a day’s game. It’s a really long and time-consuming process, which takes a specific amount of time & more…

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Backlink Analysis – Google Penalties Case Studies

What are Unnatural Links?

Links that are created with the sole purpose of influencing a search engines rankings. Mostly DOFollow links, these links can be spotted by Google using trained algorithms that search for specific patterns in specific niches. These algorithms are also “helped” by humans that verify specific sites and possibly flag them. You can read more about this if you search the cognitiveSEO blog for Google Rating & Webspam Guidelines. There was a leaked document last year that explains the process. A few examples: blog comments built at mass scale….Know more

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