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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your business website’s ranking on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, to attract customers and ultimately increase your business.

  • Organic Searches Have Greater Trust Factor

    According to a survey done in 2011, 94% of people click on organic search results as opposed to paid ads

  • Higher Rankings Translate Into Revenue

    Higher ranking for your key terms in organic search results in more visitors to your website thus increasing the possibilities of conversions

  • Why Should You Invest In SEO

    To increase your rank on top of search results for your keywords. This in turn drives qualified leads to your website

  • Why Choose SKI USA for SEO

    As veterans in the field of SEO, we understand that targeted traffic helps businesses achieve higher sales. Our SEO efforts are aimed towards achieving max. possible ROI for businesses

How Do We Approach The SEO Process
The first key step to any SEO process involves understanding the client’s business goals and objectives. We believe it is imperative to approach each client, discuss their business needs and then provide the best solution accordingly.
How Does SEO Help Your Business?

Higher ranking in Search Engines

Enhanced Visibility

Attracts Customers

Gets More Business

The aim of any SEO campaign is to help the client earn more visibility on various search engines, and assist in driving sales. When a potential customer searches for your product in a search engine, you have a greater chance of capturing him/her as a customer–provided you are ranking high in search results for that term. It is for this reason you need SEO. With an SEO process in place, we can help you achieve higher ranking for your key terms, which can help you generate more leads and conversions.

How Do We Carry Out The SEO Process for Your Website
SEO is a continuous process of optimization for your website to increase its ranking on search engines. You always need to innovate and build better strategies to stay ahead of the competition. The below guide gives a step by step process as to how we carry out the SEO process for your website.


Website Audit
A complete technical audit of your website will be carried out to gauge SEO friendliness of the website. We check for errors that may be causing indexing issues both for users as well as search engines

Web Page Design
Having a user-friendly design and a good “call to action” button is imperative. In addition, it is important to have pages that load faster.
Competitor Analysis
We look at your competitors (if any) in the market, research and analyze their strategies and make a plan of action to beat the competition
Content Editing/Rewriting
Rewriting or modifying the sites content or creating higher quality content will ensure that users stay on the site for a longer period of time, which will retrospectively lead to conversions.
Robots/Sitemap Creation
Creating robots.txt files and sitemaps ensures that search engines understand the site’s architecture, allowing a deeper crawl within pages.
Off Page Optimization/Link Building
Link building is imperative to the success of any SEO campaign. We use innovative marketing campaigns to ensure that you get quality back links.
W3C Validation
Ensures your website meets the W3C Standard Guidelines. This eases maintenance, future-proofs your website, and shows professionalism.
Keyword Analysis and Research
Based on your inputs and having researched your website, we then decide on the most optimum keywords that would work for your business and yield the maximum ROI
Website Optimization
This includes evaluating the website’s content, layout, interlinking, anchor text distribution, and the site’s current architecture.
URL Mod Rewrites
We use URL mod rewrites to create SEO friendly URLs.

On Page Optimization
This includes the creation of descriptive titles and description tags for targeted pages and schema markups.
We will provide you with regular reports that chart the progress of your SEO campaigns.