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Search Engine Marketing / Pay per click advertising (PPC) is a cost effective way to market YOUR offerings online. Our SEM/PPC strategies promote your website to highly targeted audiences, allowing for maximized sales and conversions.

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  • How Can Search Engine Marketing/PPC Aid In Marketing Campaigns?

    It is essential for a product or service to be displayed in the right place when a customer is making a search online. This allows you maximize your sales and grow your business. Just as in traditional marketing, search engine marketing also provides a number of prime slots where marketers can display their products or services online. Users are charged fees for using these slots, but when done correctly, the Return on Investment (ROI) can be extremely beneficial.

  • Paid Platforms for promoting your business

    Google, MSN (Bing) and Yahoo are amongst the most popular search engines frequented by various types of consumers. The spaces available on these websites, if used properly, can provide excellent profits and gains. Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN Adcenter along with MIVA, ABCSearch, 7Search, Findology, Searchfeed, Marchex and AdHere are some of the preferred Pay per click (PPC) advertising providers we work with.

  • How Do You Begin Advertising On These Platforms?

    When YOU start a PPC campaign, the first step is to register with these providers. Through a bidding or flat rate pricing system, we select the best keywords for your offering. Then, based on your bid and the competition, your offering will be displayed at an appropriate position. For example, Google displays its PPC advertisements on the first 3 positions or sidebar of a customers search results. This increases the chances of YOUR customer clicking on your ad.

  • PPC Should Deliver Value For Results

    The most critical part of the PPC campaign is determining the most popular keywords that will attract YOUR customers in a cost effective way, giving you value-for-money results. Apart from this, analyzing the campaign’s success, making necessary changes and creating proper landing pages are critical for succeeding in a PPC campaign.


The following are essential steps YOU can expect from us in a regular PPC campaign

Setting up a Google Adwords and Bing Merchant Center account. We assist in choosing the right campaign and Ad Group to improve your account performance.
Setup goals after reviewing website
It is important to have a clear strategy and well defined goals when you are starting a PPC campaign (because you are spending money for each click or impression).
Call & Goal Conversion Tracking
Goal conversion tracking is one of the most effective ways to measure the success of your campaign. Adwords Conversion Tracking and Bing Ads Campaign Analytics are used to track how your campaign is performing.

Goal conversion tracking is one of the most effective ways to measure the success of your campaign. Adwords Conversion Tracking and Bing Ads Campaign Analytics are used to track how your campaign is performing.

Inclusion of Google Analytics
It is imperative to install Google Analytics if you wish to track the success of your Adwords campaign. Moreover it helps you understand how your Adwords campaign is performing in comparison to other marketing channels.
Landing page development
Having a good landing page for your campaigns keywords is crucial to your campaigns success. Users should be able to find what they are searching for quickly or else they will bounce off, resulting in a wasted click.

Competitor & Keyword Analysis
Competitor Analysis involves analysing keywords your competitors may or may not be bidding on, and including them in your own campaign.

Selecting the right keywords which yield the maximum ROI pertaining to your business is essential to the success of your campaign. This involves removing non-performing and/or negative keywords.

Development & Testing of ads
Creating an attractive title and description for your ad will entice more clicks. Understanding user intent is necessary for creating effective ads.
Campaign analysis and bidding
With higher bids, your campaign is likely to receive more traffic while spending more money. With lower bids, your campaign is likely to improve its ROI, but receive fewer clicks and conversions. No matter your budget, we will create a plan of action that will improve your overall ROI.
Report generation for campaign tracking
Regular reports on campaign performance will be provided to you. These also include recommendations and plans for future campaigns, so you can stay ahead of the competition.
Making necessary adjustment & changes
Adjustment and changes to your existing campaigns are part of the process. Depending on user behaviour, geography, and the time of day, these adjustments can help present the best possible ads to the customer.
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